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  • When entering a new event both start and end date are set to Now(). Most events that I enter are a few hours on one day, so having to enter the same date in both start end end date boxes is a pain. It would be useful if the end date were initially left as NULL, and then on clicking in the box, if still NULL, set to the value in the start date, or set to Now() if the start date is still null. My jquery isn’t good enough to know whether that is possible.

    Second best option would be: in the validation function, if end date is before start date, silently set end date = start date. Since I always enter events in the future, if I leave the end date as Now() then it will be automatically updated to match the start date on validation, unless a specific end date has been entered.

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  • Plugin Author Guido



    The end date is being used throughout plugin te determine the order of events. So it should be filled at all times. My knowledge of JS / jQuery is very limited as well, so changing this will not happen anytime soon.
    FYI, that’s also the reaon there will never gonna be an VSEL events block.


    Hi Guido,
    I have the same problem with the end date.
    The easiest solution in my opinion could be the the end date automatically set the same as the start date.

    In the case like it is now we have to click many times more, for a row that ist’n needed usually. This could occurs in mistakes and wrong dates.

    Best regards Oliver

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    Plugin Author Guido


    Hi @skirridsystems and @oliwanatu,

    If you update plugin you will be able to add events with one date only. Please check changelog for more info.


    Great, thanks Guido 🙂

    @guido07111975 thanks a lot!!!

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