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  • I’ve never rated a plug-in or program as (one) star: they all have some redeeming qualities.
    – But this editor really is badly thought out.

    And I really do appreciate the hard work that some developers have put into its construction, but they’ve obviously never ever used an (outliner). I’m currently using a TinyMCE editor plugin, and WordPress 5.0.x is constantly nagging me to disable it. It doesn’t endear me, especially with not having the means to turn that *nag* popup off.

    My biggest beef about this new Block Editor: is that when pressing the {return key}, up pops yet another block.
    – Totally ruining your work flow and thought process.

    Pages and Blogs are an ongoing process of mental evolution, with the writer moving up and down their work; till what they have in their mind, is what’s written on the screen.

    Gutenberg totally stops that dead, with {block boxes} popping up all over the place.
    I tried using the TinyMCE Editor Block itself, but as soon as you press {return key}, – (Wallop!) – Yet another empty block appears.

    A major improvement to this block editor, would be a {key combination}, that actually creates a new writing block (if you want one), and simply leaving it on the TinyMCE Block. That way people can use Blocks if they want to.
    (Just an idea).

    I’ve tried this Block Editor several times during that last few months, and every time I’ve become yet more and more frustrated with it.
    – This old woman has even tried writing my work out with a Text Editor off-line, then copying and pasting it in to an open WordPress editor box, (what a jumbled up mess!)

    Please don’t take this negative review the wrong way: I realise that you’ve done a lot of work in developing it, and some people think its the best thing since sliced bread, but a lot of others, do-not, .. (including me).

    – And perhaps someone in power who (actually) reads this: could (actually) include that {key block function}, instead of forcing yet more blocks down your neck every time you press the {enter key}.

    The idea of {editing blocks} is commendable, but it isn’t how I work, and from the rest of the negative reviews found here: then I guess that a lot of other folks hold the same view.

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  • A major improvement to this block editor, would be a {key combination}, that actually creates a new writing block (if you want one)

    After you press the return key, you can type in a / which will bring an autocomplete dialog with all the block mames. For example you can type /gal + return key which will quickly create a gallery block without messing with your writing flow

    Gotta’ tell you, from reading that: totally confused.

    – All I want to do, is just press the {return key], to then get to the next line in my text, but pressing in in Gutenberg; opens another [Block of Text], or whatever.

    Sorry to be so dense, but that’s how I work, and the block editor doesn’t work as I do.

    Won’t sign off: the moderators don’t liker it.

    Pressing Shift + Enter will give you a new line in the same block. Just pressing Enter will create a new paragraph block. This is how Slack works also. If it was up to me the roles should have been reversed – Enter key, new line, Shift + Enter, New Block.

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