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  • Very disappointing after sales service.
    Very disappointing plug-in.
    Support wants unrestricted admin access to the WordPress dashboard to diagnose problems.
    I had multiple issues with this plug-in, the latest being a problem with tax settings and the coupon system doesn’t function effectively to support store promotions for downloadable product items … there is absolutely no point having a two for the price of one sale on a downloadable file! Very limited options to cross-promote the way I need to cross-promote on my products.
    Also told that my downloads folder is automatically secured by the main WordPress .htaccess file and that that is sufficient despite the fact that my products for sale were able to be directly downloaded via the files permalink URL … I had to secure that folder manually.
    With taxes if a customer uses a 100% off coupon the cart spits out a remaining amount the equivalent of the GST on the checkout page … customers are abandoning the cart at that point.
    I am very upset because I could have spent my money elsewhere and had a properly functioning cart and happy customers.
    Ten thousand thumbs down on this one.

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    Very sorry you had a bad experience… Yes we do usually require some admin access if we need to review settings, server setups, and help troubleshoot. You can always build an account for a technical person here to use, then remove it when finished.

    As for your other issues, we are happy to assist. Downloads from your server can be secured like you did further, or you could jump up to our Amazon S3 connection and feed downloads that way for security. Often better choice than hosting on same server.

    As for 100% of coupons, some pathways in this area are tough, as an ecommerce system, payment gateways, and other systems are not really designed to give away 100% product. Sometimes best to just offer a download button if giving something away, it makes an ecommerce system sometimes irrelevant in the equation.

    In the end, we do hate to see dissatisfied customers, especially ten thousand thumbs down 😉 Maybe there is another cart that can handle all of these situations with ease at a cheaper cost, but have not see it yet…

    Thank you for your reply Josh.
    Interesting to note that this negative feedback gets a reply before the support request email that I sent you on 24 August. That was 15 days ago now.
    I sent another one this morning with some of the above details just in case you didn’t get it yet.
    I actually love the cart but the glitches as really causing problems regardless of how proud you are of the price point.
    Please either extend and streamline the functionality of the downloads or don’t have them because I have already explained to you months ago that right now I am not in a position to utilise the Amazon S3 service. In the future yes, but today I am a fledgling business and need the right business partners to get there.
    Are you the right business partner?

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    We looked for tickets, we are all caught up and only have one day out of tickets. We respond typically within 24 hours to every ticket, happen to look into the matter if I knew more info, but looks like all tickets were responded to within 24 hours… maybe junk email folder or something. Happy to look it up if you email We do hope you find the perfect solution for your needs. One thing we do try to do is provide good support, nearly all our past reviews indicate that most are happy, but we understand things happen and the tools don’t meet everyone’s needs. thanks again for trying the software.

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