Support » Plugin: Shield Security - Scanners, Security Hardening, Brute Force Protection & Firewall » Deep and reliable security, excellent support

  • 2-year user, had a learning curve to set up this plugin, but plenty of explanations at the plugin site to initiate a user into its features (and there are many). If you are new to security plugins, you can take it slowly and learn from these articles — a useful mini-education that often saves me from having to guess. Otherwise once set up, Shield has worked flawlessly as far as I can see, so much so that, despite its depth, I rarely go in and look at settings (probably not good practice on my part, but still: what a relief) apart from reading the statistics in the admin screen and perusing the Monday email. It is almost as if Shield is hard-coded into my site and needs no attention, or very little. When another plugin changed and affected some of Shield’s behavior, I didn’t notice at first because I so rarely have to check Shield. Support at first could not resolve the issue but kept at it. Same with a different appeal earlier. They cannot anticipate every scenario but are willing to dig in and try to resolve things. A solid, well-supported security plugin that the author is constantly improving.`

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