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  • I hate this forum.

    1) it’s almost completely unusable
    2) staring at it for HOURS at a time, never finding what i need, scouring through thousands of words of pure garbage, makes me want to hurt someone
    3) it’s ugly, cluttered, and hard to read

    That said…


    After finding MILLIONS of posts about databases, most of which go unsolved, unanswered, and end up getting closed…

    It is completely obvious that “Databases” need their own section.

    So, Make One.

    p.s. I hate you all!

    p.p.s. I have a database problem, but i’m too angry to even write about it, at this moment. Perhaps i will create a thread regarding my own issue, since None of the other million database threads seem to be at-all related… if only there were an appropriate “database section,” in which to post such a thing!

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Generally DB questions are directly related to something else. Like if it’s “I’m writing a plugin, how do I write to the DB…” it would go into Advanced, or Plugins. Or “How do I find a post in the DB….” (though generally one doesn’t try). We don’t have a DB specific forum becuase we really don’t support generic DB things. We can help with how WP interacts with and writes to your DB, but if you want to know the magic that is SQL this is the wrong forum for you.

    The way a new (to you) forum is laid out is always confusing at first. And we know how much the search sucks. But if you can take a deep breath and just ask, maybe we can help. The volunteers here don’t work for WP (with a few exceptionally rare exceptions), so yes, it’s a take what you can get sort of free support.

    Think about what the problem is past ‘just’ the DB. Then ask it that way 🙂

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