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  • I am trying to set up a page that displays my blog posts for one category. According to the Custom Community documentation, this is possible even with the free version of the theme.

    I created a new page named “Blog”. I checked the “Lists Posts under this Page” check box. I checked these other options, as well.

    You can show your posts in a predefined template:
    Post template on:
    Select a template to use:
    Select a category to display: News Uncategorized
    How many posts to display?

    However, the blog posts do not show up on the page. The page is blank. How do I get blog posts to show up on a page?

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  • Hi evansmith,

    this is weird, can you provide a link to a screenshot of your settings panel?

    that would be best to see if the bug is not just a wrong setting..

    Anyway, this way should work, check the option to display posts, select the category “News” in your case, and thats it..

    let me know or send a screenshot..

    also a link to your site if possible would be nice..


    Photo of my settings

    I understand that it is possible to create a static page that displays blog posts, and that is what I have attempted to do. I do not want a slideshow.

    Also, notice that in my Reading settings, I have set ‘Current Projects’ to be the Posts page, as this is the only way I have been able to create a posts page. I would like multiple pages that each show a different category of posts.

    Is this possible?

    Yes, possible!

    Do this:

    1. Create a new Page for your blog posts of the first category you’d like to display (for example just “Music Projects”). Write your title and a small introduction sentence in the content.

    3. Scroll down until you see one of the option boxes (called “meta boxes”) which is titled “Custom Community Settings”

    4. There, you can simply check the option “Lists posts under this page. You can choose category and other options. And you can even list pages.

    So you could make a main page in the end, like “All Projects” and list pages there, just the ones that contain blog post lists. So you have a nice overview 😉

    Hope this helps, konrad

    Ah now i read the first message again, haha..

    does it still not work? i tested it, it seems to work.. ?

    if you open the page edit screen again. is the option still checked or does your site maybe not save the option correctly?

    If so, maybe try to deactivate all plugins and check if the error still exists..

    If you still have the issue, let me know..
    have a great weekend, konrad


    This is exactly what I want to do but there is no option as listed above

    3. Scroll down until you see one of the option boxes (called “meta boxes”) which is titled “Custom Community Settings”

    I am using WordPress theme 2013 – how to create a page that will show a certain category(s) of posts published in the general feed?


    @slonicom, I ended up achieving the desired results by creating a custom menu. It isn’t as autonomous as we’d like, but it’s pretty straightforward. Reply if you need help getting it to work with a custom menu.

    You can create a custom menu by going to:
    Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
    and clicking ‘Create a new menu’

    You’ll have to select all the items you want on the menu and click ‘Add to menu’.


    Thanks! I think this will do for a start! ))))

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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