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  • 2.7 admin runs like a dog on my server where 2.5.x was super-fast and even 2.6 was snappy.

    Do the devs just not care about the increasing bloat of WP in the kind of resource-restricted hosting situations in which most users employ it?

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  • bolonki


    No, they don’t care because the focus has “automattically” gone to the other wp-related projects that are big money makers. This is now about pleasing entry level people who don’t need performance because they have three visits a day in their blog, including them and their girlfriend.

    And if you thought 2.7 was slow, do not even think of installing 2.8, that’s a BLOATED, unfriendly laid out blogging system!

    Let me tell you, in 2004 what made the difference in favor of WordPress was the helpful, friendly, caring environment (because let’s face it, the code was pretty bad and the system extremely basic even primitive). Now you have moderators like Otto who regularly tell people to go use another software if they find any problem with WordPress.

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