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  • use FireBug to check that.

    I’m using the F12 developer tools in IE. All the padding and margins are set to zero, and I can’t make any number negative. Any other suggestions? This is making me crazy!

    All the padding and margins are set to zero


    for instance:
    .widget-wrapper has a bottom margin of 20px;
    and .grid has a bottom margin of 2.083%;

    possibly the Firefox web developer add-on (similar to Firebug) is more accurate in showing these styles than the ‘F12 developer tools in IE’ 😉

    Sure you can:

    #footer {

    Also can we please decide where the support will be here or at I don’t mind but having posts on both sites is pretty big job for me and I hope that you will understand. You already started and have 10 topics on ThemeID 🙂

    Posting here will come to me anyways.





    Interspace on homepage and other pages is different from each other: homepage has widgets on bottom, other pages don’t > css is a little bit different. So I added some extra lines in file style.css to reduce space of social icons on both homepage and other pages equally.

    I added this code underneath /* =Social Icons to reduce the space on homepage:

    .home #footer .social-icons {
    margin:-30px 0 0 0;


    Thanks @guido


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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