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    I have tried in Safari and Chrome on a Mac and I cannot unzip my downloaded backup.

    The error I get in Archive Utility is the following:

    Unable to expand “” into “Downloads.” (Error 2 – No such file or directory”

    And in 7zx: Error: Can not open file as archive

    Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot this? Thank you!!!

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    How big is the downloaded file? Does it fully download?
    I the backup encrypted or is this unencrypted backup you just want to uncompress?


    Hi Jason, Thank you for your help!

    The size of the downloaded size: 95.8 MB. It fully downloads, it’s just that it keeps saying decompression failed (this is my 5th attempt today).

    The backup size according to your plugin is:
    The size of the backup file is: 143.25 MiB

    I just want to uncompress the backup, it is not encrypted.

    Thanks again!

    I deleted some of our big files and we were able to generate a working backup with your online vault.

    Thanks anyway!

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    The file most likely hadn’t downloaded fully if it was only 95MB after download. This is happening sometimes if PHP hits a timeout during the download.

    We’re working on a feature to prevent this happening by allowing a direct download but still requiring you to be logged into WP-Admin to get at that download. So we’ll have it sorted soon!



    I’m having the same problem here. My backup is 495Mb, and it’s fully downloaded.

    Does this work for anyone? I’m in an awkward situation where I need to rip a site without FTP access, and I had a lot of hopes for your plugin. I don’t think PHP is timing out, since the status went to 100%.

    Is there anything that can be done?

    Plugin Author Online Backup


    Hi OceanWind,

    Another topic might be better if this post doesn’t help. This one is marked resolved by the poster.

    The status sometimes goes to 100% in your browser even though it isn’t downloaded. Just check the size of the downloaded file to make sure it is 495MB. If it is, raise another topic we can investigate. If it isn’t then the issue is the file download, which is getting resolved shortly – we’re nearly finished with the changes needed.

    In the meantime – not ideal I know – but you could install a File Manager plugin for WordPress if you can find one, and go to “wp-content/plugins/wponlinebackup/tmp/”. Should be “”. Rename this to “”, then download it directly. It will be scrambled slightly because it was directly downloaded, but if you use 7-Zip to extract it, it might be able to repair the archive if you use repair option.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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