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    I am in the market for an event calendar and booking plugin. This was one of the top contenders. Until I saw the review & comments between amdoolittle & IgniteWoo (author).

    As a small business owner, I would love to understand why someone chooses to not do business with us, but instead goes to our competitor. As a courtesy to IgniteWoo, I am posting the reason why this customer has decided to go elsewhere.

    Even assuming that amdoolitle was being a complete jerk who can’t read or follow directions – I don’t think he was, but let’s pretend – that is not an excuse for the level of “customer service” expressed by IgniteWoo.

    Is this what I am going to get if I need help, or find something confusing, or (godforbid) don’t read everything 100%? Don’t get me wrong, I like snark and sarcasm as much as the next guy…actually more. But it has no place in dealing with customers.

    I deal with idiot customers all day – I hope I am never having a day so bad that I would speak to any of them in this manner. I might think it (and probably do), but I would never say it. I certainly wouldn’t say it publicly where some potential customer might over hear me.

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  • You know what? I was also about to buy this solution but the responses here by the support made ​​me turn back.

    I’m always listening because unfortunately , from a technical point of view , the solution proposed here combined with other plugins in the same brand, is the only one that , on paper, can do what I am seeking . But paying 3 or 4 plugins without being certain to get a result and see that public responses are always returned to the private media sometimes with scorn of potential buyers is a little scary. This does not give the image of a solution mastered and suddenly I look elsewhere .

    Then? Convinced of the reliability of products without pro demo version without a major effort on the visible part of your support, is not it already lost ? I ‘d love to see a comment like “wow I bought this solution : it runs smoothly and the support is great! ” but I do not see it anywhere. Really I would like to trust your solution but not with that support, no demo, no feedback from REAL users. Sorry to be a little rough but I hoped very much for your solution.

    Good morning.

    I have just opened a support request with this company for another plugin of theirs.

    I’m Looking forward to a good solution.

    I don’t think you’d want to buy with them:

    Read the comments here:

    I spent $200 with them. ZERO support. Faulty plugins. Big shame.

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! BE WARNED!!! ZERO I mean ABSOLUTELY ZERO support!!! I’ve been trying to get a few questions answered for weeks with numerous emails without a single reply… after spending $99 for a plugin with one year “support” lol… more like one year for a reply… AVOID at all costs!

    Nope, didn’t answer any emails after I asked for a refund, nothing and I wrote about 5.

    This company is NOT to be trusted, they are nothing but thieves.

    Just as a follow-up: I decided to go with Event Espresso. I had a number of pre-sale questions and so far about 5 post-sale. All post-sale were handled *promptly* and politely in the public forum. It was more expensive, but I am very happy with both the product and the support.


    Lucky you!…

    Try asking a question that he doesn’t like, then you will get no answer at all.

    Seriously, he has just chosen to completely ignore all of my emails and has effectively stolen my money.

    He still hasn’t answered, and under his own terms, I have paid for one year of support, there is no way he can justify ignoring me whether he likes my email or not. He is a thief.

    Ignitewoo are untrustworthy and I do not recommend anybody dealing with him as it is a risk definitely not worth taking.

    @solosails, I think setati meant the “Event Expresso” people promptly replied… not IgniteWoo … a quick look at the “Event Expresso” didn’t see any WooCommerce support? another one that has come up and looks good is … I wish I had bought that first… lesson learned in this case… too bad because on the surface, looks like Ignitewoo has a lot of convenient plugins, but I’ll NEVER buy from them again… burned once… only once…


    Oh, yes, sorry, I thought Event Expresso was a plugin by Ignitewoo!

    No, I agree, there looks to be very many useful plugins on the surface, but as you say I too will never buy anything again from Ignitewoo ever.

    Event Expresso is an alternative but there is no easy woocommerce integration and no gift option like ask here :

    If some of you do have solutions ?!

    The Events Calendar is woocommerce compatible but here too no gift options.

    Plugin Author IgniteWoo Team


    If any you of think our support is no good just pick up the phone and call us toll free and see for yourselves. There’s a reason we have thousands of customers… The software is good stuff and we support it. If we don’t answer then it’s either after hours or we’re on the lines so just call back in a few minutes. And note that we don’t provide phone support for any free software.

    Mods, would you please close this thread? It’s basically noise given that the WP forums are not for dealing with paid software, and it’s basically against the forum rules to do so.

    Actually, I ended up buying paid plugins because I found you through this free plugin, so if you portray helpful support for your free plugin but do NOT support premium plugins, that’s actually called FRAUD under international law.

    Please point me to the forum rules. I’ll gladly look through them.

    I would have thought that people would appreciate being warned against your continuous gross misconduct.

    are you serious ? Calling you from europe is free ? Whatever, with only 7 hours between us it means that when you start to work we are at home here ! and Anyway, for futur customers it’s important to know what was the problems of others, what was solution and how you help customers to solve them: the telephone is only interesting in urgent situation. Really : if you want to bring back trust, just open a private forum open to everyone and all will see your thousands happy customers and your fast and sympathiques answers.

    Hope it help you to understand potential customers point of vue.

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