• I wish that I am able to give zero stars or a fraction of a star as it does not deserve more than zero stars.

    It is well described to give the feeling that it is free and in a small instance that it is linked to their website to find out that it does not work unless connected to their site and to connect it, you have to pay a large monthly amount plus that there is no trial. So they are deceiving.

    On the other hand, this plugin should not be here on wordpress.org as this is for free plugins even if they have limited functionality, but this plugin does not function at all without a payment.


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    Hi Solutions Dev,

    I think you misunderstood that the plugin facilitates an integration for free and GPL, that much is correct, but that for a service that is hosted and that is allowed by WordPress guidelines. I’m sorry that the service can’t also be free like the integration is, but years of work and ongoing costs does require us to charge a small fee for the usage of the hosted app and the data your users create that we host.

    Just as the description says, this is a service-ware plugin. The plugin is free, as it facilitates the integration between mystyle and your website at no cost. This is very common in the wordpress marketplace for paid services that have free integration plugins. Our service, however, does not end at installing a free plugin, and we have a cost to cover as we both host the app for you remotely, and pay for the bandwidth of that usage, as well as host all of the designs you or your users create indefinitely for the life of your usage of the platform so that your users can save and reload designs without it affecting your server in any way. This ensures no hard drive space or load is added to your website or your server, so that you can run a nice lightweight website without needing to invest in scalable architecture like we have provided for you. The initial cost for our hosted service is less than $9 per month to get started with a Developer license.

    In the future we are working to lower the costs of using our platform even further for basic usage, but as of now you can get started for less than 10 bucks a month.

    Best of luck

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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