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Deceptive: not free

  • It’s not until you actually install this plugin and try to activate it that you’re informed that the plugin is not free. It requires a $9.99/mo paid subscription to activate. I wouldn’t have left a negative review if this information was given in advance. No demo, either — you either have to pay them and hope the software does what it should or uninstall the plugin. Waste of my time.

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  • Plugin Author Daniel Cid


    I apologize about that. I just fixed the messaging to be more clear. If you email me directly (dcid@sucuri.net), I will give you a free account to make up for it.


    I don’t get it. I thought plugins here were supposed to be free. As in, work without payment, meaning “core” features work for free.

    But this plugin doesn’t work at all without a subscription??

    This, after finding out about another plugin (AdRotate) that’s stripped functionality previously available in its free version in order to sell the premium paid-for version.

    Is WordPress getting too mainstream for its own good??

    Plugin Author Daniel Cid


    Well, the plugin is free and open source, but meant to help CloudProxy users manage their account better. It is similar to many other SaaS plugins out there (like VaultPress).

    I can’t speak for the WP team, but the goal of the repository is to allow open source and free plugins to be easily available for any wordpress user.

    The Author Jack Foreigner


    Okay, thanks for the clarification. 🙂

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