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  • I decided to get the premium package after a seven slot registration form limit had “expired.” There was no apparent indication that only seven registrations were allowed for the form, but I went ahead with the premium purchase anyway hoping that this ridiculous limitation would be eliminated. However, at this point, I’m not sure if it will. Why? Their shopping cart is confusing, so confusing in fact that I ended up purchasing the premium package twice. Granted, this could have been an error on my part, but that’s beside the point. C’mon guys, how long have shopping carts been around on the internet? Nevertheless, with two purchases of the same package in hand, I was still unable to access any premium feature, so I still have no idea if that absurd limit on the number of user registrations will have been lifted. As of this review, I haven’t received a single response from the several support requests I’ve made, not even a purchase acknowledgement (or two), in fact no email acknowledgements whatsoever. Nothing. I’ve been a web designer for over two decades, and occasionally, a plugin comes along that looks appealing, and this one seemed to address all of the typical issues, and more, regarding registration. After all, good plugins are supposed to streamline site creation and enhance the user experience, but this plugin has left me with egg all over my face from dozens of people who can’t register. So, if you’re reading this, either as a prospective customer, or as a member of the Registration Magic development team, all I can say is caveat emptor. This is a deceptive product, coupled with equally disappointing product support. Not recommended.

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    Hello Rodney,

    There appears to be a grave misunderstanding regarding the issues you have mentioned in your review. Please allow us an opportunity to add details for each one of them.

    About the Form Limit:
    There is no form submission limit in RegistrationMagic. We do not impose such artificial limits in our product. On the other hand, there is a feature which allows you, as the site admin, to restrict form submissions for your users if you wish to allow limited registrations. This can be handy while inviting registrations for limited seats. Kindly check if you have inadvertently turned on this option. To do that, Go to Form Dashboard —> Configure —> Limits. On the new page see if the option labeled Limit Submissions is checked. If it is, please uncheck it. Once again, this is a feature to build forms for certain scenarios and fully configurable by the admin. There’s no limitation from our side.

    Access to Premium:
    While our system does shows you attempted purchasing RegistrationMagic Premium twice, both payments are pending. It means we did not receive any payment and the checkout process was incomplete. That’s the reason your access to RegistrationMagic Premium was not setup automatically. We refund any duplicate purchases promptly. If your card was charged, please get back to us with transaction ID and we will look into it at once.

    Support Response:
    As we have mentioned on support page on our website, we request you to allow us 12-36 hours to get back to you. All your support tickets were created few hours ago and have already been responded within promised time window. Please note, response time varies with support volume daily.

    Allow us an opportunity to make things right for you again. Also kindly consider revisiting your review in light of information above.

    We would be more than happy to answer any other questions you have.

    Honestly… if you find a shopping cart confusing, you should re-evaluate your involvement with computers.

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