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    Giving us a Bad review because we have a paid version is not really fair. Especially when so many people find it very useful.

    But we understand your frustration that not everything is FREE and some parts of our plugin require an upgrade to the PRO version.


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    NO. My review is fair. Your Free plugin, describes itself in its very name, as being for WooCommerce. You’ve named it such, for SEO and traffic reasons, knowing that it’s not an honest portrayal of what it does.

    I pay for plugins all the time. It’s not about the money. It’s about misrepresentation.

    You’ve named your FREE plugin as a WooCommerce plugin which it isn’t.

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    In this case, you could have simply informed us by email of your misunderstanding.

    We do not force anyone to use our plugin. And installing or uninstalling it does not commit you to anything.

    With this comment, you do not judge the specific features of our plugin but a mention in its name. We don’t even dare to imagine your comment if our plugin had a bug.

    Regarding the mention “+ Woocommerce”, which is not the same thing as “A Woocommerce plugin”, we specify, as we have already been asked very often, that this plugin can be used with Woocommerce ( Whether it is the FREE or PRO version, it is the same plugin). Moreover, we do not hide the fact that, once on the “settings” page, the use of our plugin for the product pages requires an upgrade.

    You attribute bad intentions to us and it is regrettable because this plugin, which required a large number of hours of development, is largely accessible free of charge for everyone. But that still doesn’t seem like enough!

    We hope that when it comes to your business, your customers will be more flexible (and less binary) in reviewing your services.


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    I should have quietly informed you that your plugin title was intentionally deceptive? What for? You already know and aren’t going to change it. I did so in a review, so others won’t waste their time thinking your plugin will do what it claims to when it won’t. Not without payment. My review was for their benefit. Not yours.

    Nowhere in your product information is it stated the Woocommerce functionality will require payment. You’ve intentionally left this out. Own it. Intentionally deceptive. What… it’s NOT intentional? Its an oversite? Then update your product description to make it clear even though your plugin refers to Woocommerce coverage in the title, access to this will require payment.

    Or don’t. And get reviews like mine.

    As for my business and its clients. I am always 100% transparent with what they are getting, and at what price, from the start. If I gave them a bait-and-switch, I would expect them to be similarly annoyed.

    I won’t respond further.

    This review helped me. Thanks, @richinberlin99

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