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  • On the description page it is listed:

    MonsterInsights Ecommerce addon helps you add Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking to your WordPress WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads store.

    Full MonsterInsights Feature List

    Ecommerce Tracking – Add Google Analytics tracking for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads store.

    It is clear that you did this to trick and confuse people.

    It is not clear at all that this is not part of the free plugin, that in fact this is a paid add-on until after you have installed the plugin.

    I have no problem paying for an add-on, but your sales page does not make this clear at all. It makes it appear that the free version contains many more features then it has.

    Just be honest and clear about what features are free and which features are paid. Not doing this only wastes peoples time.

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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    The goal is not to confuse people or deceive people, we actually call it an addon 2 or 3 times above the full feature list. The point of the full feature list is to list out all of the tracking possibilities in the MonsterInsights ecosystem, because we field support questions everyday about does your plugin support X or Y, and we want to point out to people what we can support. This is a really common practice among larger plugins, particularly eCommerce ones where we (I also work on the Easy Digital Downloads project) list out the payment gateways we support because otherwise people are like, does it support gateway Z?

    For example, under the heading “ECOMMERCE AND ADS TRACKING” which you listed above the first three words are “MonsterInsights Ecommerce addon”

    Above that in the Pro section we say:
    “MonsterInsights Pro
    This plugin is the lite version of the MonsterInsights Pro plugin that comes with all the analytics features you will ever need including ads tracking, ecommerce tracking”

    Plus if you install the lite plugin where the eCommerce tracking isn’t available we make that really clear, and how to get it in case people want it (again, based on a lot of support requests of I have Lite how do I get eCommerce tracking and such).

    Bare in mind, pages are not sales pages, and so we’re also restricted on the language we’re allowed to put on the readme. We’ve changed our readme quite a few times over the years based on feedback, and the current iteration is by far the one that has the fewest support tickets about it, so it’s something we’re always open to hearing feedback about, but not something we super want to change at this point in time since it’s working out for us really well though at some point we’ll need to update it to add all the features we added to the lite version with the 7.0 release.

    Scott Paterson


    we actually call it an addon 2 or 3 times above the full feature list.

    But an addon can be free or paid. Just using the word addon doesn’t mean anything other then it is a plugin that connects to this one. Yes, you do have one reference to that it is paid, but many where it is not clear.

    Let’s take a look at the Easy Digital Downloads readme:

    Payment gateways supported through free or premium extension:


    With add-on plugins from our extensions catalogue you can super-charge your digital store.

    It is very clear what is free and what is paid.

    On the WooCommerce readme:

    developers who built WooCommerce, there are a plethora of premium eCommerce extensions, the most popular of which include:

    Again they say what is free and what is premium.

    I am not saying that it should be a sales page. I am simply saying to put the word premium in front of the word addon.

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