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  • I’ve searched everywhere for hours, hours.. and some more hours.

    There just isn’t one simple image album/gallery -plugin for WordPress it seems.

    The closest one, Nextgen Gallery, unfortunately doesn’t have the option to comment-per-picture that is *EXTREMELY* important if you would let WordPress be the base of a more simple type of community where each image has a special value (like the graffitti-community i’m building right now where each different image has a high comment value sort of).

    What i need is a plugin that do this;

    1. The Album(s) are displayed like the Nextgen Gallery where each album represent a Gallery or a set of images and when clicked you view that album or gallerys thumbnails.

    2. Option to either link directly to the large image (and thus being able to simply mod rel=”lightbox[set]” or rel=”whatever[set]” or option to have each large image on it’s on page WITH COMMENTS. Not just “some comments” – it should be tied to the WP-comment system so that one can make use of “recent comments” and even have “recent comments for post” and “recent comments from gallery” etc.

    1. Being able to sort albums/galleries in a quick mannor (Nextgen is ok, but could be a bit better for novice users).

    2. Being able to set MAX-size and “remove original images” so that people that upload 3Mpix-images doesn’t flood the server with megabytes in 10 seconds. MAX-size + Thumbsize.

    3. Being able to crop thumbs to a fixed size or just resize via lenght

    4. Bash-upload using flash or javascript – this is extremely important since its a dauting task to select one image at a time if one is going to upload ~50 images into a gallery..

    Images should of course create thumbnails + “normal” on upload..

    5. Being able to add descriptions for albums and separate images and the discription should also go into the link-tag since one then can easily add such things as mootips (tips for mootools) or jQuery-related tooltips etc for each thumbnail.


    So that anyone has something that is even close and *WORKS* with WordPress 2.5.1?

    Stuff like Aniga Gallery and WPPA doesn’t work at all with 2.5.1 unfortunately.

    I would appriciate if someone had a custom-hack of Nextgen that supported comments-per-image (using the WP-comments system and database) or if someone simply had some sort of hack making it possible to use 2.5’s new gallery feature on a single page and list albums with that page etc… like nextgen but using 2.5’s gallery system sort of.

    So.. is there ANYONE out there that got a clue about these things? Please help if you do. 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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