• Outdoorsmen


    The plugin does what it is supposed to do and works fairly well as long as it is the only plugin you plan on using.

    The first issue I noticed was the fixed admin notice placed on all of your back end pages. Even if you click on the links wanting you to rate the plugin or fill out a Google feedback form, the admin notice remains. I had to edit the plugin to remove this irritating admin notice. The novice user is not going to know how to do this.

    Add a couple of slashes to the beginning of line 279 in pdf-poster/pdf-poster.php which will remove this notice.
    279 // add_action( ‘admin_notices’, ‘pdfp_review_request’ );

    The other issue I have is the way the stylesheet is done. Instead of creating ID’s for the HTML tags used in the plugin, the author chose to use core tags (no ID’s) which totally messes up your site. It’s much easier to delete the pdf-poster/style/stl.css file and rewrite the css for his plugin than it is to try and correct where this plugin messes up your site. Either way you’re dealing with a totally unnecessary nightmare.

    If the author of this plugin were to correct these very annoying issues, I would be more than happy to reevaluate the plugin and rate it higher.

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  • dougcolorado


    hi there
    thanks for the valuable feedback. I have update the plugin and fix the issues you mention.



    I see where the advertisement has been moved to the dashboard. You already have ads on your plugin’s add new page which is appropriate. Every time someone uses the plugin they will see your advertisement. Your developer page is almost blank; another appropriate location.

    The dashboard is not the place for plugin advertisements, yours or anyone else.



    I updated this to 3 stars because the author did actually fix the main issues even though I disagree with having his advertisement in the dashboard.

    There is another issue I’ve noticed; something strange that seems to only appear when viewing this plugin using an Ipad. The document is littered with strange characters such as toy plane cockpits and sail boats. I do not see this when viewing from a computer or Iphone, just on an Ipad. Other PDF viewers do not do this.

    I hope the author can fix this.

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