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    Nice plugin. Slowly moving sites to it. We have set up our Nginx conf to include this in try_files:

    set $cache_enabler_uri  "/wp-content/cache/cache-enabler/${http_host}${request_uri}index.html";
    try_files  $cache_enabler_uri  $uri  $uri/  /index.php?$args; 


    1. How can we confirm when Nginx is picking up the files entirely statically? We don’t see any header being included for testing, and there’s no such feature in the Settings in the plugin. (Or is this something the plugin does on its own — for the “disk caching” feature?)

    2. How can we remove the comment from the generated HTML after our testing?


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  • coreyk


    Great! We’re happy to know that you’re enjoying the Cache Enabler plugin. The answers to your questions can be found below:

    1. Confirming that a response was delivered from the Cache Enabler cache can be done by checking the X-Cache-Handler response header. This response header will either have a wp or php value depending on your configuration. Alternatively, you can check for the Cache Enabler HTML comment at the bottom of the page source. Just a reminder that the tests should be done when logged out.

    2. There is no option to remove the Cache Enabler HTML comment.



    Thank you for the response. A further question and a comment/request:

    1. There’s no such header. Does this mean that Nginx is in fact picking up a static file from Cache Enabler directory, as we intended with that try_files?

    2. Please allow people to remove the comment in production. All caching plugins have this option and it’s vital for a serious website.



    You’re welcome! Answers to your additional question and request can be found below:

    1. If the file has the Cache Enabler HTML comment then yes.

    2. Thank you for sharing your feedback, we sincerely appreciate it. I’ve passed it along to the development team accordingly.

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