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  • So I noticed ! is_super_admin() in $this->init(). Is there a specific reason for this? Topic subject states my goal. Here’s something on a works-for-me level, perhaps you guys could comment what a sustainable solution would be?

    # Make Debug Bar available for multisite subsite admins
    function is_super_admin() {
        return current_user_can( "remove_users" );
    function init() {
        if ( ! $this->is_super_admin() || ! is_admin_bar_showing() || $this->is_wp_login() )
    function init_ajax() {
        if ( ! $this->is_super_admin() )

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  • I’d like to bump this issue, and maybe suggest making the admin bar display a custom capability rather than just dependant on is_super_admin().

    I’m setting up QA testing for a project and it would helpful if my testers could see the debug bar, even while using “Editor” and “Author” accounts for testing.

    Yes, its easy enough to hack the plugin. But it would be even easier if there was a way to give certain users access to the debug bar without hacking the plugin.

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