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  • A request for all you theme designers, don’t use Photoshop files any where in your theme. Especially not in the header. There are people out there who do not own a copy of Photoshop. Some of us don’t want to own a copy of Photoshop. We like the way WordPress handles the matter of a blog’s name in the header, and we don’t like how Photoshop denies you that option.

    Ban Photoshop in WordPress themes!

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  • If you don’t like photoshop, then gimp reads photoshop files just fine. Besides all the theme author is doing is giving you and easy way to customize the header to your liking by including the photoshop file. Also if you don’t like it don’t use that theme, or write your own.

    How do you modify a Photoshop file when you don’t have Photoshop?

    Like I said GIMP an open source FREE image editor reads photoshop files as well as many other.

    Windows Version

    The fact there are work arounds does not negate the fact that the use of Photoshop files in WordPress themes is an imposition on the person using the theme. It is rude.

    I agree that if the theme author doesn’t include the code to display the header then yes it’s a bad theme and shouldn’t be used but for other theme authors that include the header code but also include a photoshop file of the header so you can edit it that is a good practice. All the themes in the new extend section follow these guidelines.

    I will make this simple. I like being able to go to “settings, general” and typing in the name of my blog in the text field provided, knowing that the changes I make will show up in the header. I don’t blog to display my tech skills, I blog to blog. I do not appreciate some full of himself theme designer denying me that.

    And by the way, JeremyClark13, one post was addressed to theme designers, the other to the folks behind WordPress itself. Furthermore, each had different wording. Different topics, different messages. On top of it, different forums. I know what double posting is. Double posting is the same message. Show me where I posted the same message twice. And no, “Well it looked to me . . .” If the two looked the same to you, then I can only wonder about your reading comprehension.

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    Dude. Lighten up.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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