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  • I run a Buying food co-op, we have members. We take orders and delivery to drop off locations once a week. at the moment I use a google form to collect the order, which puts the data into a spreadsheet that I copy into my excel spreadsheet. The members will pay in different ways (cash, cheque, e-transfer, or pay extra and run an account). We also have return deposits on bottles, included in the google form as a quantity to be deducted from the total. The problem is the google form is not secure, and it does not verify orders or give order totals.

    I am building the site, I bought a Woo Theme that I found most suitable. But i still feel that the commerce portion is too complex for our needs and not really suitable. Most of these e-commerce sites are all geared toward a kind of e-commerce, mostly the same.

    I am still new to this, and it seems the most important part that we need is the order management portion. I am not sure how these plugins look on the back end. can they consolidate data, where the orders for the different farm goods can be sent to the different farms to prepare for pick-up?

    I just need a member to log in, choose what they want, calculate a total for them to verify, identify how they will pay and which location to drop it off, send a verification to the member email, and have the order information added to a spreadsheet that can work with excel.

    any recommendations or insight?

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