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  • Mark (podz)


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    If when you write your themes you put lots of IF / ELSE statements in there, COMMENT THE THING IN DETAIL PLEASE.

    Not only will you save many many posts here, but other people might actually be able to learn something.

    If category
    If page
    If home
    If archive
    If about_cat
    (and that’s only at the top!)
    may look cool, it may look all complex and l33t but it does very little when someone wants to add something simple and either can’t get it to appear or they detonate their blog trying to get it to work.

    Make it clear. Please.
    Don’t ‘re-load’ themes, ‘comment-load’ them.



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  • Oh I’ve got a whole HOST of requests for theme authors… given my recent frustrations, I’m actually going to start studying PHP and making my own from scratch at this point. I’ve run across far too many that don’t validate for css or html, give scripting errors, and are not compatible with all browsers/resolutions/etc. It’d be nice if somewhere there was information about all that BEFORE I try to download and install it, even if I’m going to go in there and make mods anyway.

    Just thought I’d add to the rant… your point is SO VERY VALID, podz… 🙂 EVERYTHING should be commented for ease of manipulation… 🙂


    as far as validating goes, you’re asking a bit much to want themes to always validate. I just checked and it had a couple errors. Your lovely site didn’t even pass the test (HTML & CSS both failed)

    standard CSS just doesn’t always validate, and most people will go with looks and functionality over what the w3c servers think

    resiny – You know why my site didn’t validate? Because of the theme. And no, I didn’t build the theme myself.

    What I’m asking is that if a theme is going to include links in the “meta” section of the side bar for people to click on and show validation, the theme itself should be valid… No?

    And re: looks and functionality – don’t get me started. I just had a week’s worth of hell trying to get a theme to work in all versions of FF and IE – and no matter what I did, there were errors and peekaboo text and non-peekaboo-still-jumping-around text… and this was in any screen resolution – so where’s the looks and functionality there?

    To me, looks and functionality DOES include screen resolutions and browsers of at LEAST the most recent release. No, I don’t use IE myself, and I personally think no one should, but facing facts, over 90% of users do. And since there are still MAJOR websites out there that don’t work in FF, well… I guess we’re just going to have to stand tall and decide that it’s just flat out important to design for looks and functionality in ALL browsers. Gee, what a concept, eh?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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