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  • Bodhipaksa


    From the description of the Gutenberg interface, we’re told these are the advantages:

    1. The block unifies multiple interfaces. If we add that on top of the existing interface, it would add complexity, as opposed to remove it.

    Gutenberg is immeasurably more complex than the traditional editor. Every single thing, from editing the HTML to adding a paragraph, is more complex and unintuitive. It’s a horrible, horrible mess. If not adding complexity was your aim, you need to know that you failed miserably.

    2. By revisiting the interface, we can modernize the writing, editing, and publishing experience, with usability and simplicity in mind, benefitting both new and casual users.

    “Usability and simplicity.” LOL! This makes Microsoft Word circa 1999 look slick, polished, and intuitive.

    3. When singular block interface takes center stage, it demonstrates a clear path forward for developers to create premium blocks, superior to both shortcodes and widgets.

    “Singular block interface.” You guys like your jargon.

    “Demonstrates a clear path forward for developers.” SO, you’re saying this benefits developers. Great. But I’m not a developer. I just want to write blog posts, with the occasional image. That’s what 99% of WordPress users want. As an ordinary user, I see no advantage here.

    4. Considering the whole interface lays a solid foundation for the next focus, full site customization.

    Translation: “You think this is bad? Just wait until you see what we have in store for you!”

    5. Looking at the full editor screen also gives us the opportunity to drastically modernize the foundation, and take steps towards a more fluid and JavaScript powered future that fully leverages the WordPress REST API.

    You’re talking largely to yourselves here. I have no idea what a “WordPress REST API” is or why I should care. I just want to blog. Your update makes that harder to do.

    I don’t want a text-editing interface that thinks it is a web-design tool. I want one that allows me to write without having to spend half my time figuring out how to make it work. I want something simple (like we had) and intuitive (like we had). Gutenberg is a huge step backward.

    Look, I really have great respect for the people who create WordPress. It’s an amazing tool. But you’ve lost touch with the needs of ordinary users, and are overly focused on the needs of developers. Please make this text-editor an optional extra, rather than part of the core.

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  • Mihai


    Hehe, really like your comment :))



    I’m a developer and I’m facepalming at their release.

    What they should have done was, what is called in developer land, fork this build. In every sense of that term, correctly and incorrectly pronounced. Cloning the build would have kept master separate from experimental.

    fed the itch to make something new and shiny.

    Though if they want to make something actually viable they should have invested in transitioning a fast, slimed down beta version of WordPress done in the mern stack. With the key focus that it is not bloated, it’s super clean, and fully built with the latest js frameworks. Then call it like reactpress or something to attract the genius git contributors who want to be known for something awesome and not quite as…frankenstein as gutenerg.

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