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  • Hello,
    Thanks for the opportunity to submit this unusual problem. For reasons that I have not been able to understand or discover (including a search of Dean’s site archives), the FCKEditor has disappeared on my Home Page, yet it appears and operates as normal on my other pages.
    On my Home Page, no editing buttons appear at all, except for the four that commence with the upload image button. Additionally, the page editing work area only displays the page source code. There is no button available to activate the text version of the page.

    I cannot work out what I may have done to cause this glitch, if indeed I am responsible. I am a ‘greenhorn’ novice trying to develop a site. As I am in my late sixties, and on a sharp learning curve, it is possible that I may have pressed a wrong button somewhere; although if that was the case, I would have expected that all pages would have been affected and not just the Home Page.

    Since last using the editor on the Home Page, the only actions that I can recollect taking were to activate the WordPress Database Backup and WordPress Security Scan Plug-ins.

    I do hope someone can advise me how to return the Editor to normal operations on my Home Page. I have found the Editor to be a useful tool and now, feel rather deprived at its’ loss. As a greenhorn, I also find it very difficult to work on my Home Page using code only.

    Any advice will be most welcome and greatly appreciated.


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  • Further to the above, I deactivated Dean’s FCK Editor. The same problem persisted, so the FCK Editor is not the cause. As the problem is a WordPress problem, perhaps someone has a solution.

    Someone suggested deactivating every plug-in and then switching them on one by one to find a possible culprit. This doesn’t seem logical to me. If a plug-in was at fault, surely all pages would be affected as each plug will be connected to each page.


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