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  1. still giving
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    I had a site recently scrubbed for content by an apparent adlink income spammer/website called

    http://www.silverlight-travel.com -

    It took content by way of an extended pingback and applied it to an utterly unrelated page on their website. I'd guess by the copying, it is based on an automated script.

    OK, adding the IP to .htaccess is gate closing after the horse has bolted but is there any way to guard against this (except, obviously, disabling pingbacks?).

    Really, I guess what I am wondering is can something like Akismet be adopted to know content scrubbers?


    In case anyone else cares about their copy and is p*ssed by this ... their details are:

    Peter Loebel
    Travel Web Services AG
    Falkensteinstr. 54A
    9000 St. Gallen

    Phone +41 (0)71 244 35 59
    E-Mail: contact@silverlight-travel.com, peter.loebel@2pl.com

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