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    I agree, the current version is unusable.


    A good alternative is Disable Gutenberg. But to cut a long story short: there isn’t a viable alternative to WordPress. Not one. Yes, there are other tools (some of them are good), but none of them as versatile as WordPress.

    Wrong there are some very good alternatives to WordPress but if I mention them the post will be deleted and my account disabled.

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    Exactly what I said:

    Yes, there are other tools (some of them are good)

    And I stand by why I said next: none are as flexible as WordPress, thus, not one of them is a viable alternative, if flexibility is what you want and the reason why you value WordPress.

    Oh, and I like Jekyll very much (as a blogging platform). But it’s not WordPress :).

    No there are better tools than WP without Gutenberg but WP has made it clear that discussing and linking to them on WP forums is not allowed. Especially if the other tools are forks of WP.

    There are several platforms that are as flexible as WordPress (or even more flexible). As long as there’s some way to extend a system either via an extensions API or through OOP, there’s really no such thing as not as flexible. It’s just code. Flexibility is determined by the skillset of the developer.

    What WordPress has over other platforms is a larger market share and developer community who are actively building extensions.


    Yeah, right, because everyone is a developer. Even most developers don’t have the time or resources to code their own blogging platform (as you did), or their own Event Espresso, or The Events Calendar, or Classic Editor, or whatever they in their sites. Sure, I’ve had projects in the past that needed more than WordPress offered, so I (and my team at work) had to code a complete platform from the ground up.

    But not everyone is a developer as you, or me.

    But by all means, if you or everyone think there are platforms as flexible as WordPress, use them. Funny, most users complain they don’t have time to learn how to use a new editor, but you seem to think they will have the time and other resources to learn to code (if they are not devs) and write their own tools.

    I do ask that you not twist my words. I’m always happy to discuss the pros/cons of various platforms and their flexibility, but I’m not into strawman arguments.


    Not my intention. We are not talking about the same.

    Not going to say any further.

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    Thanks for the review. I’m closing this as it’s moved to “blog post” territory and that’s not appropriate for this support forum.

    If you want support for anything WordPress or want to help other people in the community with WordPress, please do so. This whole review section for Gutenberg does have some good feedback, both negative and positive.

    But unhappy people are brigading here to use the reviews to vent in the form of a blog post and that’s not appropriate for a support forum.

    If you wish to blog please do so. Just not on this site.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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