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  • Just discovered it breaks wordpress admin and frontend under PHP 7.0 / nginx.
    Internal Server Error 500.
    Nice! Fantasctic social plugin that kills your wordpress site just by activating it.

    Uncompetent developer used break operator without any loop, simply inside try catch statement,
    line 84:
    try {
    $page_info = Facebook_WP_Extend::graph_api_with_app_access_token( ‘/fql’, ‘GET’, array( ‘q’ => ‘SELECT page_url FROM page WHERE ‘ . $where ) );
    } catch ( WP_FacebookApiException $e ) {
    This is shown as syntax error in any normal IDE (I use PHPStorm 2016.2).
    Simple commenting this line saves wordpress!
    // break;

    The problem reported 5 months ago and no any response. Shame!

    Ilia Ivanov,
    Modular Coding Inc, CEO & founder

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