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    I almost purchased a lifetime option and glad I didn’t. Rather I felt compelled to write about my experience here based on the lack of support.

    I’ve dealt with many companies lacking poor support and all I can say is stay far away and find another option. Save yourself time and frustration. While “support” for this solution responded to first contacts, subsequent responses were never followed up and so I ended up here.

    While ID may have been the first to introduce a WP crowdfunding solution, a little research online will show you there is no dedicated team working on this product and no dedicated support. Support is run by 1 maybe 2 people on a part time basis. With the 2 founders it makes 3 people total. If the team is larger, there is certainly no transparency about this, why would you hide your team if the product was great? Red flag.

    On the topic of no-refunds, the argument of being a digital product is an out-dated argument. There isn’t a digital solution online, and in the crowdfunding plugin space in 2019, that doesn’t offer refunds or trial periods. Red flag.

    The service is open sourced with available code online? If you see the available github repositories, you will find there hasn’t been any updates to the code in over 4 years which leads me to think those responsible are simply accepting whatever payments come their way. Red flag.

    If any kind of progress is happening with this plugin, its definitely happening very passively. This plugin most likely had its time in the spotlight and its successes are valid, but this was many years ago. Under new management? There are no public announcements of any kind detailing the changeover. Red flag.

    Ultimately, it is up to you, the buyer, to make your own assessment. I am just some random guy online voicing how I see it.

    Red flags everywhere.

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    Hi @3aehkwktaabnb6h, thank you for the feedback.

    New management absolutely agrees with you regarding the refund policy. Since changing ownership we have never denied a refund request and we intend to continue with this new policy for the life of the business. Your comment has encouraged us to put a higher priority on updating the copy on the website, thank you for the nudge.

    We’d also like to do an investigation into your support experience. As far as we know, we’ve been diligent about responding to all support requests (and subsequent follow ups) within 1 business day. If you’re able to identify your support thread for us, we’ll look into it and find out where we went wrong.

    For the record, we do not own any Github repositories. The one you’re referring to is owned by an account called “wp-premium” which is not affiliated with us in any way. If you’d like to see the latest updates to our plugin you can find them here in natively just like any other plugin.

    Finally, we’re absolutely not a dead plugin. We’re committed to maintaining our leading position in the WordPress crowdfunding vertical and anyone who reaches out and interacts with our team will certainly agree.

    Hello all,

    Former owner/developer for IgnitionDeck here. I have nothing to gain in responding to these comments, but felt it was important to set the record straight for anyone that might be reading along.

    Here are the facts:

    1. IgnitionDeck is not a dead project. Me and my team wrote thousands of new lines of code in 2019 alone, and pushed at least 50 new updates across all plugins, themes, and extensions.

    2. IgnitionDeck transitioned to new ownership because I believe its needs had outpaced my abilities, and I believe that the new team is the perfect team for taking this product to new heights. They have already shown this by investing, and continuing to invest, in new support staff, developers, and product managers.

    3. IgnitionDeck has helped thousands of users raise millions of dollars. It has helped people build real, transformative businesses that change lives. Is it a fit for everyone? No. It requires patience, skill, and a solid business plan in order to make money with any online platform. However, it can be done, and is being done to this day.

    I am personally sorry that you have had a bad experience, and regret that the new team has to deal with an aggressive hit campaign, but I do believe that when users view the toxicity of your response, they will be able to put it in the context it deserves.

    Jay, Emma, and company certainly deserve more respect than you have given them.

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    @3aehkwktaabnb6h Thanks for the review. I’m leaving it in place as you left a review and you received a reply. Other comments, now removed, are not helpful and that is why I am closing this review.

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