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  • Recently the links to my previous posts have started to return error codes. Thinking this might be caused by an outdated version I updated WordPress and all widgets. Still no luck. For “Archives” and “Pages” and “Categories” I return the error “404 Page not found” but on the “Recent Posts” sidebar the links are not clickable. For external links the links/pages load without error.

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  • For starters, try re-saving your permalink settings (Settings -> Permalinks). If it tells you that it cannot write to the .htaccess file then you can copy the instructions out and open the .htaccess file from FTP and make the changes manually.

    However, it also looks like there is something wonky going on with either your theme or a plugin as the Recent Posts links on the right as well as post titles all contain a call to the eval() PHP function and I can’t really think of any good reason that should be happening. So I would look at getting rid of it or fixing whatever is causing the behavior.

    Thanks. Checking the Permalinks settings worked!

    Now, I’m not exactly sure what you are refering to in regards to the eval() PHP function. If you or someone else could explain that more in depth I might be able to clear that up. Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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