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  • I suggest that a tool for dead links management is introduced, maybe as a plugin.
    Links are a really valuable part of every site, maybe the most important component on a http experience. They allow navigation and often are a big part of the content itself.
    The whole Internet is continously evolving and things change; and links go dead.
    Sites gain (or loose) value due also to the links they provide to the user. It is important that the site manager (and/or the content’s author[s]) be alerted when links die.
    There should be some sort of tool that on a time basis (every night or two) tests all the links within a site, and mark them as:
    a) live (default)
    b) sick (when unreachable twice)
    c) dead (when unreachable >= three times)
    As a link is marked “dead”, an email notification is sent to the person who posted it (and/or the site admin).
    An admin page could also be set up, to list on the fly either live, sick or dead links and their location.
    Such an (arguably) simple script could greatly help and enhance a site value over time.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    System requirement: Microsoft Windows
    I can’t run it.
    Apart from that, a script runing on the hosting machine could have advantages.

    Firefox has some link-checking extensions. Obviously they are not integrated with WP, but they can check all the links you have on your site while others will check your bookmarks for busted links, too.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    If you had mentioned that you did not run Windows………

    Have you searched for freeware sites for whatever system it is that you run ?

    Thanks to both NuclearMoose and Podz: I’ll check and let you know.

    I tried Xenu: though interesting, it has nothing to do with the script I suggested. Let’s make an example.
    In two month’s time Xenu’s home page changes, and the useful link podz provided to me (and, note, to the whole community around here) in this very therad, breaks.
    What will it happen? Easy: the dead link management tool (plugin) emails podz (as link’s author) [and/or the site admin, if thus has been set] and says: “The link X at page Y appears to be dead”.
    Automatically. Easily. Silently.
    It’s then mainly podz interest to replace the old link with a new one. He is supposed to know where to look for, he is supposed to know the subject, he is supposed to be happy and willing to take care of this thread. Why? Because he did it in the past!
    And, which is most, link management is smartly distributed among many people, and right the people, who proved to be helpful, positive, correct, informed…; the load is not just set to the site admin’s shoulder.
    You could say: “If a link breaks, it’s up to the user to find the new one!”
    Wrong. This site is about software, and all users are supposed to be able and crawl the net efficiently. But WordPress itself might well be used by my wife to set up a blog about cooking pies. And the average pie-cooker user is not necessarily a net-crawler…
    “Why are you stressing *us* with this dead link tool?” you might ask.
    a) I think it is an important, substantial, feature.
    b) I can’t write programs, myself 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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