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    Whenever the Jetpack plugin is temporarily deactivated for troubleshooting and then reactivated, I have to reconnect Jetpack to my account.

    Until I do so, all my portfolio pages that use Jetpack’s custom post type will all be unavailable. Even after connecting I gave to go through and purge all the caches.

    Is this normal?

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    Yes, Jetpack does need that connection to function properly.

    Purging the cache shouldn’t be required though, some settings may be too strict on the cache. What are you using for that?

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    Hi James,

    I am with SiteGround and using their SG Optimiser plugin.

    Plugin Support KokkieH


    Okay, in that case please contact SiteGround support to ask if there’s anything you can configure in their plugin so you won’t need to purge the cache this often.

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    Well I only need to purge the cache after Jetpack is temporarily deactivated to troubleshoot. So far I haven’t had to do this very often.

    It’s just that usually you can deactivate and then reactivate all the plugins on your site and everything goes back to normal. Jetpack is the only one where deactivating it causes extra work.

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