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[Plugin: Jetpack] Deactivating jetpack killed stats

  • Initial setup:

    * 1 stand-alone self-hosted WP site a.com with jetpack
    * 1 multisite self-hosted WP site with 3 domains b.org (main blog), c.net, d.info with jetpack

    I wanted to finally migrate a.com into my multisite setup, which I did. Jetpack connected fine for a.com and picked up the old stats.

    The real problem is thus not the migration, although it might be related. Because after the migration, I wanted to solve another problem, namely that cron does not clear the jetpack nonces, but keeps them growing indefinitley in the db.

    To add the cron action for clearing old nonces, I deactivated jetpack in the network section, and thereafter reactivated it. Jetpack then asked me to reconnect to wordpress.com, which I did, from my main blog’s admin section. I then deactivated everything but the stats section in the prefs, but the old stats were gone for my main blog b.org. It was still fine for the three other blogs.

    Going into the global dashboard at wordpress.com, I noticed that b.org was suddenly hidden and no longer my primary blog. The other three blogs were visible and in order. But correcting the visibility and making it primary again did not help.

    So where are my old stats?

    Edit: I notice from cached pages that the blog ID has changed from 9825615 to 28881062…


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