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  • Check this post.

    According to Photocrati, you should not lose your galleries, since NextGen does not delete its own data when uninstalled/deactivated.

    Strong recommendation, however, to backup your site before uninstalling/reinstalling.

    Hi ph_remy,

    After some surfing, I did find that post. The part that fixed my problem was one you added to the thread:

    What you can do, if you have “edit” access to the source files on your web host is to make a manual change in the “update” method.

    What I would suggest is the following:
    – first and foremost, backup your site (!)
    – then copy the original wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/non_pope/class.photocrati_installer.php file “somewhere” safe (a directory outside of your document root would do)
    – in the wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/non_pope/class.photocrati_installer.php file, locate the line of code (should be line number 122 or there about) that says: $last_module_list = self::_get_last_module_list($reset);
    – Just before that line, include a line that says $reset = TRUE;
    – Then deactivate and reactivate NextGen Gallery
    – Reinstate the original version of the wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/non_pope/class.photocrati_installer.php file from where you copied it.

    In theory, this should trigger the NextGen installer to recreate the Display Types posts (which is the info that is shown on both the Attach to Post dialog as well as on the Settings page).

    Thank you very much, you are a lifesaver. Now if I could just figure out how to not have it happen again! I truly believe there is a conflict with one of the other plugins on our site. Also having a problem since upgrading NextGEN, with serious increase in resource usage to the point of having to move to VPS. Not liking it one bit. Do you think downgrading back to a previous version of NextGEN would solve my problem?

    Hi, Sylgour,

    First of all, thank you for getting back to me with the result of that little “update” change. It is always rewarding to know that I have been able to help.

    How to not have to do the same again in the future: I have a strong suspicion that the “update” method has a bug in it, located just after the line where I suggested to “force update”, but have not progressed the debugging further yet to ascertain the bug. If/when I do, I will report the bug to Photocrati.

    As to reverting back to an earlier version of NextGen, I cannot say. The 2.0 version of NextGen has been a major overhaul (complete rewrite), with a switch to the MVC (Model-View-Controller) programming paradigm. Given that WordPress itself is not MVC-based, but event-based, integration was always going to be challenging at best. Whether the teething problems of 2.0 are going to last much longer, I don’t know, it mainly depends on how much of an effort goes into addressing the known issues.

    What does not help either is the lack of documentation/tutorials on the 2.0 NextGen architecture. NextGen 2.0 is based on a framework that was entirely developed by Photocrati, from what I understand. But there is very little in terms of developer documentation on that framework and how to use it properly, let alone on how to use it to customize NextGen (I just spent 4 heavy days trying to define of new Display Type, when in the old version, it was taking a few hours to define a new template).

    Reverting to an earlier version (like 1.9.x) “might” lead to other issues: the uninstall script of 2.0 does not remove its data, and data formats are not necessarily compatible between old and new. So, if/when reverting back to an earlier NextGen version, this leftover “may” cause conflicts with the earlier version you reinstate.

    There is a lot of “might” and “may”: the only way to know is by trying it out (on a development site first, preferably…).

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @ph_remy – Thanks, again!

    @sylgour – Although I cannot say what might have happened with the update that you required @ph_remy‘s work-around but if your resources continue to be problematic and/or excessive we would like to get a better look at your site specifically to see if there is something going on … it could be that potential plugin conflict you mentioned but if its not then please feel free to submit a Bug Report ( … please reference this topic) so we can get a closer look.


    – Cais.

    @cais – If you have any opportunity to relay messages back to Photocrati, there is a desperate need for more documentation on the Pope Framework, the NextGen data model, on Display Types (the tutorial How-to: Build a Display Type simply does not work as is), and on how to customize. For instance, there are “pre-hooks” and “post-hooks”, which sound like a pretty powerful feature of the Pope Framework, but with no documentation or tutorials, it does not matter how powerful the framework actually is: hardly anyone outside of Photocrati can use/understand it, and therefore help others to solve their issues in NextGen. In the long run, this cannot be good for the product. Just my 2 cents worth…

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @ph_remy – I can completely understand where you are coming from with your thoughts on more documentation being required … and I would really like to be able to quickly and easily accommodate your “requests” but unfortunately that is not the case.

    We do have plans for better and more “Developer Documentation” but those are currently on a lower priority than other current issues.

    If you have something specific, please feel free to use our Contact form here … or send me something directly: cais -at- photocrati -dot- com and I will see what I can do.

    I would also like to offer this recent comment by our “Chief Architect”:


    – Cais.

    @cais – Many thanks. Had not seen the reply from Mike yet! Best of luck with the fire-fighting ;-))

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @ph_remy – Thank you! My suit is a little singed, but it’s made with many years of customer service experience (*grin*); and, I do appreciate your support.

    – Cais.


    After last update, I have a problem like this one. My NextGen widget (Add recent or random images from the galleries) stopped to work on Homepage with the massage: “Gallery not found. Please check your settings.”, but still is working on the other pages. I added this widget in sidebar.
    My theme is Avenue from ThemeForest.
    WP Version – 3.8.2
    NGG version – 2.0.61
    I checked the settings and deactivate and activate again the plugins, but nothing.
    Do you think that can use the solution from this posts?
    I’m waiting your advices. Thanks.

    So here is the latest scoop: after pulling our hair out trying to figure out what happened with our resource usage, we decided to go back to our website state, a few days before 3/28/14, which is when we upgraded NextGEN to version 2. We just checked the resource usage after a day, and it’s back to normal, however, rolling back the plugin of course broke our website. I’m trying to roll back our database to it’s previous state now, so hopefully that will fix our problem. At least we will have a happy host, without having to move to a VPS (costly). Question though, if we do not upgrade NextGEN to it’s latest version, will it be OK to upgrade WordPress itself?

    Rolled back the database, problem fixed. Now I have to reload all the galleries we had loaded up since updating to NextGEN 2.0.61 🙁
    Anyway, again, my question is, can we update WordPress to 3.9 with NextGEN at the 1.9.13 version? Anybody? We are now at WordPress version 3.8.3.

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