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    I thought this plugin was really good at being conspicuous by it’s absence, until this morning when I got the message:


    Looking around for a couple of solutions to this, I found that it was caused by this plugin.

    After deactivating and deleting it, and going into the .htaccess and removing the black bots code, all was fine again.

    This of course could happen to any user if it happened to the site admin, so it’s now a ‘blackhole for deeveearr’ plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Hi @deeveearr,

    Glad to help. As explained in the plugin docs, Help tab, and elsewhere, what you describe can happen if there is a page cache type plugin on site. So not sure if that is the case here, but it is the most common reason for “self banning”.

    Also although more unlikely, it could be that you accessed the site using an IP address that previously had been banned. Like if your ISP changes/rotates IPs or such. So that’s another thing to look at, the IP address(es) used to access your site.

    Also would like to note that the plugin never bans you from the WP Login Page, so you never are blocked from logging in and making changes via the settings, etc. It’s a failsafe for people who may need it.

    And one more important note: you mention this:

    “going into the .htaccess and removing the black bots code”

    That is incorrect. None of my plugins make use of any .htaccess code ever. So not sure what code you deleted, but it was not something added by Blackhole or any of my other plugins.

    I hope this helps, let me know if I can provide any further infos.

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