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  • metallikat36


    In addition to my other support thread describing that shortcodes no longer work on pages, some other issues have come up. Here they are, with some other observations and comments:

    1. FYI I deleted the staging copy I made for you, since I didn’t get a reply. Let me know if you want a new one.
    2. DCL was blocking ALL other plugins from getting update notifications. Once I deleted the DCL plugin, tons of other plugins showed new updates available. Deactivating was not enough. Had to delete DCL entirely.
    3. Reinstalling DCL at this point did not seems to break the other plugin update notifications anymore.
    4. Rolling back DCL once again broke the other plugin update notifications.
    5. Comments stopped displaying on all my posts recently. Only the custom text I added to a php file above the disqus thread displays. This did not happen at the time of the last update. It happened more recently than that.
    6. Rolling back DCL did not fix the above problem (#5).
    7. Rolling back DCL did not fix the problem of shortcodes not working either.
    8. Another plugin I have called WP Rollback no longer gave me an option besides each plugin to rollback. Only after I deleted DCL did the rollback plugin start working as expected again.
    9. Deactivating a plugin I have called CM Table of Contents Pro restored disqus comments on all my posts. This conflict used to not exist, and I doubt it has anything to do with this other plugin, since DCL seems to be having issues with ALL other plugins at the moment.
    10. Replacing DCL with DISQUS official plugin solved the conflicts with my two plugins (#8 and #9). Hence comments would appear on my posts without issue.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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