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  • I’m getting the following ERROR message instead of our blog pages: “dbi_connect(): db_type not defined.”

    It is effecting more than just the blog part of our website, . Our blog has been working just fine up to Dec. 7. Here’s the blog address, .

    We are with AT&T Yahoo! and while they offer WordPress they do not in any way support the product. The above error–as I mentioned is effecting other areas of our site–including the MySql interface that Yahoo offers and the page that holds our .log files, which I assume is stored or generated from MySql.

    At first Yahoo said, that I would have to delete our database and rebuild it. Not!

    Then they said the y_root password was changed and I would have to backup the database, rebuild the database, and then we would see if that corrected the problem. Not!

    The engineers presented several guesses as to the issue, but it all came back to backing up, rebuilding and hoping. One finally found the y_root password was not the issue, and when I suggested the issue seemed to involve some change in the GLOBAL variable being changed and that ‘mysql’ was not getting recognized…they said I needed to contact WordPress for help.

    Help please.

    The odd thing is that I’ve developed php pages and a basic interface that allows me to get to our database, but it’s limited and I need help correcting the issue so I can use the Yahoo! database interface.

    Finally, the WordPress manager is working fine. I can see all of the entries and comments, but our members cannot see the blog pages.

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  • dbi_connect is not a part of WordPress anywhere. There’s no reference to it in WordPress at all.

    Where are you getting this error? Because if you’re able to access wp-admin and see everything, then WordPress is working.

    If you’re still unable to see the blog, then something else is not working. Something being included by your theme or some such thing. Try switching to the default theme, see if that works.

    Great. I’ll try switching to a template. I did some customization, but that was a long-time ago. Why would it effect it now?

    No, see I want you to try another template to try and help narrow down where the problem is. You have to find the problem before you can fix it.

    I changed the template, but the error continues to appear.

    Do a mass search on your website for “dbi_connect”. Find where that error is coming from. It’s not WordPress.

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