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  • Hi,
    From reading the installation, it looks like I’m supposed to have a database setup ….. I have MySQL on OS-X but I don’t have clueOne what to do to setup a database for my wordpress to use.
    Is there a script that will setup a basic DB for me ?

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  • You have MySQL running under OS X on your local computer? What are you using as a server? Do you also have PHP installed as well?
    If your system setup meets these requirements then you should be good to get started. Have you worked with MySQL before at all?
    For WordPress to work, you need only to have an empty database; WordPress will create all of the necessary tables for you when you install it.
    You can try this tutorial to get you started in creating a database.

    I’m using the PHP and the MySql that I found at
    It seems to be the rick, but I didn’t expect to have to create and manage a database to run a blg.
    I’m willing to try though 🙂 So as I read the mySQl manual and it shows me it’s myriad of options, can someone tell me:
    How many accounts I need to create ?
    What kind of privs do they need ? (maybe in MySQL syntax)
    … and what thd databse need sto look like ? I’m assuming I have to at least create a database so the install program can do it’s thing.
    Perhaps someone has a quick script that would do the whole deal ?
    I’m not really a SQL guy, but at one point someone on a NT box I was running created a quickie database for me by having me run a quick script.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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