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    Here’s the missing table report from the tools diagnostics page

    Tables missing (prefix wp_, regular case): wfBlocks7, wfConfig, wfCrawlers, wfFileChanges, wfHits, wfIssues, wfPendingIssues, wfTrafficRates, wfLocs, wfLogins, wfReverseCache, wfStatus, wfHoover, wfFileMods, wfBlockedIPLog, wfSNIPCache, wfKnownFileList, wfNotifications, wfLiveTrafficHuman

    Every single one of those tables exist in the full lowercase version (wp_wfconfig vs wp_wfConfig

    It’s spamming error logs because it writes 50+ lines of errors to the log with each page load.

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    Hello @majemedia and thanks for reaching out to us!

    The uppercase tables are the older variant of our tables, while the lower case is the newer ones. The scan might be checking an old value in the tables.

    A complete re-install of Wordfence might be a good step. It’s always best to make a backup of the site and database before installing/removing plugins, just to be safe.

    Additionally, you can backup your Wordfence settings via the Export option. Navigate to Wordfence > Tools > Import/Export Options and click Export. You can also take note of the current Whitelisted URLs you have in Wordfence > Firewall > All Firewall Options > Whitelisted URLs as these are NOT included in the Import/Export, and will be lost during the re-install.
    Here is what is exported:
    During the export, you will be given a long string of text. Keep this safe, you’ll need it in a few minutes.

    After that, enable the option to Delete Wordfence tables and data on deactivation in All Options > General Wordfence Options. You will want to remember to disable this after you reinstall Wordfence again.

    After you enable that option, you can deactivate Wordfence from the Plugins area of your site, then delete it. Next, from the plugins area, search for and re-install Wordfence like normal.

    It will be like setting Wordfence up for the first time. You will need to enter an email address, and then go into Tools > Import/Export Options and paste that string of text into the Import Wordfence Options field and click the button there.

    The firewall will be in Learning Mode by default for 7 days. I would recommend switching this to Enabled and Protected as soon as possible.

    This should resolve the table issue for now and the future.

    Thanks again!

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    The error I’m getting:

    WordPress database error Table 'dbname.wp_wfConfig' doesn't exist for query SELECT name, val, autoload FROM wp_wfConfig WHERE name = 'wordfenceCentralConnected' made by activate_plugin, include_once('/plugins/wordfence/wordfence.php'), wordfence::install_actions, wfCentral::isConnected, wfCentral::_isConnected, wfConfig::get

    which db settings should I update or look for to fix the error since a complete reinstallation isn’t feasible (possible but not feasible).

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