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  • HI,

    I unfortunately used one plugin to rename my database and now I see in phpmyadmin
    Structure dbPREFIXbwps_lockouts
    Structure dbPREFIXbwps_log
    Structure dbPREFIXcommentmeta
    Structure dbPREFIXcomments
    Structure dbPREFIXlinks
    Structure dbPREFIXoptions
    Structure dbPREFIXpostmeta
    Structure dbPREFIXposts
    Structure dbPREFIXterms
    Structure dbPREFIXterm_relationships
    Structure dbPREFIXterm_taxonomy
    Structure dbPREFIXusermeta
    Structure dbPREFIXusers
    Structure wp_commentmeta
    Structure wp_comments
    Structure wp_links
    Structure wp_options
    Structure wp_postmeta
    Structure wp_posts
    Structure wp_terms
    Structure wp_term_relationships
    Structure wp_term_taxonomy
    Structure wp_usermeta
    Structure wp_users

    WP contains normally 12 tables?

    How rollback to only 12 since both tables contain datas? (for e.g. wp_users and dbPREFIXusers)

    any recommendations to merge or remove the dbPREFIX ones?

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    Did you take a backup of your database before attempting to rename it?

    Which plugin did you use to do this?

    Can remember since I had to disable it and remove it because was making my blog to lag. I then updated 2 days to latest wp and now 5 year of archives in a mess even after trying to manually reinstall.

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    You can’t remember whether you have a backup or you can’t remember which plugin you used?

    If you don’t have a backup ask your hosting company whether they have one from a time before the changes were made, and if so whether they can restore it.

    I have backup and access to phpmyadmin. But so far restore are not working having plenty of php errors.

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    How old is the backup?

    How are you restoring?

    Are you able to create a new database to restore to so you don’t overwrite the existing one? – or is it too late?

    Do you also have a complete file backup taken at the same time as the database backup?

    Thank you very much for your time.

    How old is the backup?
    How are you restoring?
    I created a new subdomain, clean wp install and upload the .sql file to myphpadmin

    Are you able to create a new database to restore to so you don’t overwrite the existing one? – or is it too late?
    Not sure about that.

    Do you also have a complete file backup taken at the same time as the database backup?
    Yes I do but I’m concerned about the includes folder with all my media.

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    OK that helps a lot. I’m not sure what the includes folder is as normally media would be found in wp-content

    As you are installing to a new subdomain it is important that you do not touch the original database if at all possible. Ideally you want to create a new database and restore to that. It sounds like you do have that option, but I cannot be sure. It may be best to ask your hosing company for clarification.

    A fresh WP install is not the best way to go, instead you need to restore the file & db backups. To do this copy the files from your file backup into the folder for the subdomain install and edit the wp-config.php to connect to the new database.

    As the subdomain will have a different address to the original site, you need to update the database with the new subdomain URL. The best tool I know of to use for this is the interconnect/it serialized search & replace tool: Alternatively you can do a simple search & replace on the .sql backup file in a text editor, but if any site URLs are stored in serialized data you may lose that data (but it is often a minor job to recreate).

    This may seem daunting, but take it a step at a time and ensure you follow what each step is doing and why and hopefully it will make sense.

    If you are all unsure of any of these steps or feel out of your depth, it may be a good idea to hire someone to help.

    inbox 😉

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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