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  • where would a bold newbie such as myself go to learn how to do db things like:

    -move all the posts from one wordpress site to another one
    -practice putting info in / taking out of the wordpress sites via the databases ?


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  • 1. Moving_WordPress – see the backup and restore links.

    2. What exactly do you mean by “puttin in/taking out info”?

    tasks that moved content, but from within the database. for example, could i export the content of a db, then create a new database, then import that other db ?

    I still don’t get it. When you move a WP install from one server to another… that’s exactly what you do: your export the “content” of a database (more exactly the content of the WP tables) and import them into another database.
    So, what is the question?

    yes. i’m sorry. this is the question more to the point:

    ya’ll all seem much more capable with the database functions. ya’ll speak of db commands and things like that as i search thru the forums trying to educate myself. OTHER than the mysql website, is there a community of semi-patient wizards such as ya’ll-selves where people can learn things they didn’t know about db functionality ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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