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  • I have to fix my database using myphpadmin tool via CPanel on Bluehost. It gives me the error that the table is in use or corrupt or Key in wrong position at page XXXXXX.

    After I fix the table – it all renders with OK. But after a few days, it disconnects from my wordpress site and I have to go back and repair the table. If I choose to optimize the table it breaks it again so I can only repair. I have about 1900 posts in my table.

    I need to get this fixed so I can further optimize the site for speed.

    At this point I need to go beyond and have the table fixed by a pro – any thoughts?

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  • You might have malware injection going on… call your hosting and ask them to look into it.

    I don’t see any indication of a hack. Between fixes When you look at the database with phpmyadmin do you see a lot (> 500k) in various overhead columns?

    You can optimize the tables one at a time. Yes, it takes some time but it may get you to the point where you can optimize the whole database. If you do go the manual route do the tables with the most overhead first.

    Is your wp_options table bigger than 10meg? Have you ever looked at or deleted the expired transients? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry I had never heard of it either until my first DB crash. Add Transients Manager and delete the expired transients.

    Remember that you are working with a live database and there is NO UNDO button. A database backup is suggested before you start.

    Also you could try this plugin that you can optimize your table

    Thanks for checking my site re: malware. I know that is not an issue but I don’t have any (> 500k) in overhead in tables – my wp_options table is 6.3 mb however.

    I was using a plugin wp-optimize to clean up the DB but then there were conflicts so I got rid of as many plugins as I could and that was one. There were 585 transient options in your database – which I removed using wp-optimize. After running wp-optimize it showed the result for this DB as “Database Optimized!”

    Hope this works. I never had a problem before but there have been so many changes with plugins i used not being maintained and not working with other plugins for this theme that when things started breaking it was easier to eliminate only to be left with this issue.

    Thanks for your suggestions – if things go well for a week, I will consider these suggestions as the fix. Will post an update.

    Okay – well, using the wp-optimize plugin optimized the tables but then it broke the connection back to WP and my posts were gone from my site and the table showed “wp_posts” table “in use” – I used myphpadmin to “repair” table and it fixed it. I don’t think wp-optimize is the solution.

    Any other thoughts?

    I didn’t really check your site for malware. But I do repair hacks for a living and your DB problem doesn’t look like a hack or any kind of injection to me.

    I’m not surprised that the optimize plugin broke your DB. You already said that optimizing would break your wp_posts table. Not all suggestions you get here are necessarily good ones.

    When you say that your database disconnects, what happens on the front end of your site? Do you just get white pages? When you run repair do you use phpmyadmin or do you run the repair all tables in the mysql databases section of your hosting panel or something else?

    Do you remember if there is more information to the Key in wrong position at page whatever error message? Like maybe using… or with…?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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