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  • My feeds are showing up and working just fine, but…

    I’m getting occasional HTTP 500 errors, and lots of errors like this in the debug log (which I assume are connected to the 500s? That’s what my host’s support suggested):

    [19-Jun-2019 02:44:20 UTC] WordPress database error Column ‘date’ cannot be null for query INSERT INTO wp_x3b2c2_wprss_logs (id, date, level, message, feed_id) VALUES (NULL, NULL, ‘info’, ‘Imported completed!’, ‘110’) made by do_action_ref_array(‘wprss_fetch_single_feed_hook’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, wprss_fetch_insert_single_feed_items, Psr\Log\AbstractLogger->info, RebelCode\Wpra\Core\Logger\WpdbLogger->log, RebelCode\Wpra\Core\Database\WpdbTable->offsetSet

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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  • Okay it’s actually tons of this error over and over again. And also some of this–

    [22-Jun-2019 00:44:43 UTC] PHP Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/rojavs/ on line 694

    Plugin Author Miguel Muscat


    Hi @markdigidigi,

    The first error you are encountering is caused by our logging system when trying to save logs in the database. This error should not happen, but we can patch the plugin to mitigate any potential causes. What is the version of MySQL or MariaDB for your database?

    The second error you are encountering harmless. It is unfortunately a bug in SimplePie, which is code that we use that comes bundled with WordPress. Unfortunately we cannot fix the issue, but we can at least catch the warnings to make sure they do not flood your error logs. We will include a patch for this in the next update of the plugin.

    Hi Miguel, thanks for the reply. Here’s the info–

    PHP 7.2.19 | Apache | MySQL 5.7.25-log

    Do these errors explain why I was getting occasional HTTP 500 errors? Those stopped happening when I deactivated RSS Aggregator.

    Plugin Author Miguel Muscat


    Hi @markdigidigi,

    The database errors could be cause, but it’s hard to say. HTTP 500 errors are best diagnosed from your server’s error log (not to be confused with the request/access log). The other errors are very benign and harmless.

    Your PHP, Apache and MySQL versions look fine, so we’re not sure why you are getting those database errors. If you know how, you can try deleting the table that our plugin uses for logging – it might solve your problem. The table is called “wp_wprss_logs”, but the “wp_” prefix might be different for you.

    Hi Miguel,


    I don’t know how to delete the table that the plugin uses for logging. How do I do that?

    My server’s error log doesn’t show any errors.

    Also, using the RSS validator, I do see that there may be some setup issues on the feeds I’m using.
    *Realistically*, could these issues shown in the validator be causing those errors I sent above? And in turn causing the 500 error on my site?
    Validator checks–


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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