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  • Plugin Author Ivan Kristianto


    try the default comment, it will look like this:

    <!– Generated in 1.415 seconds. Made 21 queries to database and 71 cached queries. Memory used – 31.68MB –>

    it means i have about 92 queries made for my home page. But only 21 are made through the database, the other 71 queries are cached. cache time is 1.415 seconds and memory used for caching is 31.68MB.

    that’s what it means.


    Ivan Kristianto

    Thanks for your answer Ivan.
    I just did not understand if the page loads faster or slower with your plugin: there are less queries but it takes more seconds, that’s why I’m confused….

    I just enabled this plugin on, and the site feels faster already. Even the admin end. The old cache plugin was terrible, even on the admin side.

    Thank you.

    I’m still confused on queries vs seconds….

    Plugin Author Ivan Kristianto


    @baga, can you try this:
    1. clear cache, and post the db cache stats here.
    2. try refresh the page 1-2 times and post the stats again here.
    I want to compare the results.



    Hello Ivan, sorry for my late reply. I did some testing, so:

    plugin not active: <!–
    2.779 seconds
    732 queries
    28.767 MB Memory Used

    plugin active: <!– Generated in 2.939 seconds. Made 337 queries to database and 395 cached queries. Memory used – 28.99MB –>

    Cannot tell if the page loads faster with or without using the plugin.
    Thanks for your help,

    Plugin Author Ivan Kristianto


    Hi Baga,
    i wonder why there are many queries to your database.
    I feel that you should uninstall some plugins and show less posts per page.
    DB cache reloaded fix won’t cache post and post meta.
    If you show a lot of posts i think you should lower it.



    Ivan thanks for your quick reply!
    I tried another test on a simpler page (less queries in it) and that’s the results:

    plugin not active:
    1.345 seconds
    229 queries
    30.488 MB Memory Used

    plugin active:
    <!– Generated in 1.360 seconds. Made 61 queries to database and 168 cached queries. Memory used – 30.85MB –>

    The differences don’t look so relevant.

    Plugin Author Ivan Kristianto


    I’m developing db cache reloaded fix to add Zend cache for optimum compatibility and faster performance. Stay tune!



    Thanks Ivan!



    Excellent application. I love DB Cache Reloaded Fix I just enabled it on my site — and all of my clients’ sites as well. When combined with HyperCache, you get a really powerful combination of technology. Must have! Thank YOU.

    Plugin shit!

    plugin not active: 0.7 sec
    plugin active: 1.03 sec

    Where is the speed? lol.

    Hello, I have a problem my blog had the older version of “DB Cache Reloaded” Wrapper mode enabled, switch to a few days ago “DB Cache Fix Reloaded” activate it without the wrapper as being the new version, but it shows error 500 to enter the WP administrative panel, after many attempts finally enters but it appears the plugin disabled. That it could be? Sorry for the English only speak Spanish and use a translator

    Plugin Author Ivan Kristianto


    @legend717: it depends on how big your database is and how fast your mysql server. when it comes to high traffic and large database, i’m sure this plugin will boost the performance.

    @microonline: do you have any other db cache plugin installed? such as W3 Total cache?

    The only real way to test is to have the site respond to at least hundreds of page requests in a short period. There are services and scripts for that but I don’t have one handy for you now, sorry. Posting just a single result with and a single one without the caching can be very misleading.

    Back in 2010 was a comprehensive WP cache comparison (Google cache) was done with 1,000 requests at 10 concurrent and the summary said “Overall the best out of the box cache plugin configuration in my opinion is: Hyper Cache + DB Cache Reloaded”.

    Without caching the server was able to answer to 13.96 requests per second while spending 716.580 ms per request (mean average). With DB Cache Reloaded the numbers were 15.04 per second and 665.09 ms per request; 8 % faster.

    The old numbers might or might not apply, but they are in line with my gut feeling based on a small sample: DBCRF has a slight positive effect on WP speed. The best part is that it can be used with Hyper Cache (Extended) to benefit from both.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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