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  • I just posted this afternoon to find out that the times are all slow one hour, thanks to the recent change off of daylight savings time (or is it on? Who knows?). I don’t want to change my time to GMT-4 instead of GMT-5, because I’m not in the Atlantic time zome, I’m in the Eastern TZ. Anyone know how I can set WP (1.2) up to recognize daylight savings time changes?

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  • I don’t know that it’s possible without writing a specific code hack of some sort. Does 1.2 display the time zone as such? 1.5 does not, you just select the relevant + or – hours from UTC. So today all I had to do was go change it in options from -7 to -6, and the time displays normally….

    My computer reset itself today but we moved to BST a week ago. 🙂

    Maybe your computer was manufactured in North America 🙂
    We moved back today…

    @ tmountjr,
    you can modify the -gmt stuff and add a capital T > which will show the time zone. But (there is always a BUTT:) it might depend on your servers setting whether it recognizes the DST or not.
    Another thing: if in your theme template the time format is hard coded, it won’t work, though you can play with the settings (T) there, too.

    Is that DST setting something I can find in cpanel?

    Nope, it’s done by your host when they set up the server. AFAIK

    AFAIK, this is done through ssh or a bash shell, if your host allows, and even then it doesn’t always work – I’ve tried it on 3 different servers, it worked once.

    I was just looking at

    I (capital i) Whether or not the date is in daylights savings time 1 if Daylight Savings Time, 0 otherwise.

    But I can’t figure out where one puts the I. This is the syntax I have right now:

    Default date format: l, j F Y
    Default time format: H:i

    I tried
    Default time format: H:I

    but that, of course, doesn’t work at all.

    Which file is it that actually deals with the date? In my search of these forums, I came across

    I’d love to be able to alter the specific file to try the followin code:

    echo gmdate("F d, Y H:i:s", time() + 3600*($timezone+date("I")));

    Might it be in functions-formatting.php? I know very little about php coding, but perhaps somewhere after this line?

    // give it a date, it will give you the same date as GMT
    function get_gmt_from_date($string) {

    (I’m running WP1.2.2)

    Would Daylight Savings Time affect the date format itself? Because since it happened, when I posted an entry the date format shows the entry as being posted one day later than I actually posted. And yet the actual time and date stamp for the entry is accurate. Has anyone else noticed this? Is it my server? Or something I need to fix elsewhere…

    Sorry, don’t know the answer to your question, Groove. The date is showing correctly in my blog….

    I have just upgraded to 1.5 in the hopes that the daylight saving aspect would be resolved. Alas, no. But googling, I found that this brilliant person has created a plugin to display daylight saving time!

    Note that this is not on the wp plugin page, but it works very well in 1.5….

    Note that the timezone plugin must go into the plugin folder and be activated first before it can be configured from the plugins page:


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Is this a plugin for an event that occurs twice a YEAR ?

    Yes, it is. If the event occurred zero times a year (which is as things SHOULD be) there would be no need for the plugin.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I am amazed …. not that the plugin works, but that it was asked for and then used.

    Oh well …..

    On the other hand, I’m amazed that everyone isn’t clamouring for it.

    And if you take a look at the comments on the plugin page, you’ll see that there are several people who wanted it.

    Chacun a son gout.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    I run most of my blogs in UTC since I don’t care if the time is offset by five or six hours. My readers certainly don’t care. They’re probably in another timezone and couldn’t care less where the sun is at over my head when I post. If they are hitting my RSS feed they get UTC anyway.

    In those instances where I do run the blog in my locale time, I simply change the UTC offset of my blog whenever I update the rest of the clocks in the house. That’s what happens when the time changes, your UTC offset changes. If you look at any of the huge ass timezone databases, you’ll see the DST change for a given timezone defined as a change from one offset to another at a given date and time. Here is an example zone description for the US Central time zone. Notice how the transitions are defined.

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