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  • I see that it displays dates in the future, along with days left. Can it go the other way? I’d like to put in a date to remember that’s in the past and have it show the days since.

    No, this is a forward-looking date gadget.
    This plugin will return the next X dates in your list, and can be configured very flexibly. For example, you can tell it that Memorial Day is the last monday in May:
    last monday may Memorial Day
    Or that my birthday is the same day every year:
    07-04 Owen's Birthday
    Or that your 2004 office Christmas party is next Tuesday:
    2004-12-14 Office X-Mas Party!
    You can put in links, too:
    2004-12-10 Secret Santa Emails arrive
    But something like what you described doesn’t really require all of the overhead of the date processing that this does.

    I may be late to the party, but your alpha 2 zip doesn’t have the readme.txt included. (I couldn’t figure out what code to add to the sidebar!) I found it in the alpha 1 zip.
    Really nice plugin! Thanks!!!!

    Awesome plugin! Nice going!

    I need to come up with a useful plugin and publish it. It must be cool knowing how so many ppl use something you put your hard work into. Keep up the good work.

    Are you still offering support for the exhibit plug-in?
    It’s just that I’ve emailed you twice and posted numerous times on these forums… with no feedback.
    I’m not having a dig at you, as I’m sure you’ve got a life to lead and don’t want to waste too much of it answering questions.
    If you are still giving feedback could you look at this post: (or check your email) and let me know if what I’m after is possible.
    Many thanks for your time.
    Mez (

    I’ve replied to your email. Your issue is fixed. There was no need to cross-post here. Nice patience on your part.
    This type of thing gets me very frustrated about continuing support for any of my plugins.
    For the rest of you, I’m glad you like the Countdown plugin. I’ve released alpha 3, which fixes a couple of bugs (couldn’t put two events on the same date!), and adds a feature or two. It’s also got the readme.txt file in it – Doh!

    I’ve just installed Countdown 5 and I’m receiving an error on line 171. The function gettime doesn’t exist.

    i was wondering if there is a way to make a multi day event, like a conference. maybe i’m just not understanding from the read me.

    I’ve got Countdown installed and working, but with a wierd glitch. On events that are 1 day off, or today, instead of saying that (as on the site) it’s like this right now:
    May. 5 – Cinco de Mayo (Today1 day0 days)
    yesterday it was:
    May. 5 – Cinco de Mayo (1 day1 days)

    Just like that, wrong spacing and all.

    Any idea how to fix? Alternately, I would be willing (prefer) to lose the countdown part altogether, and just have the dates.

    New issue with Owen Winkler’s Dates to Remember (Countdown) plugin:

    I just installed version 1.5 and it’s great — except that every time I click Submit to update the dates in the Options, it automatically adds a slash to any single quote marks. It will add one every time I hit Submit, so it ends up with dates like New Year\\\\\\\’s Eve. Even a single backslash also shows up when display dates on the blog, so if it’s supposed to be an escape key, it’s not working.

    How do I stop this?

    A quick fix would be to not use apostrophes. Do you use other plugins to format your posts?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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