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  1. emmadw
    Posted 8 years ago #

    ... does version 2.5 come with a free Tardis??

    I've got a few drafts listed; they were all created before I upgraded. Two of them have dates that seem reasonable (2008-03-25 & 2008-02-25) - however, the other 5 were apparently created on November 30, 1999 ... when I didn't have a blog...

    All the published posts seem to have the right date on them.

    I've got another blog; which has the same problem. 3 posts that seem to have the right date on them & 7 which I apparently also posted on November 30, 1999.

    Both blogs are set to UK pattern for dates, if you think that makes a difference.

    I vaguely wondered if some of those drafts that seem to have been created 8 years ago were actually created last year, but that's not the case. (I know some of them need publishing or deleting, but some are used as ongoing notes fields & are relatively recent)


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