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    After recent update appeared a new date-picker within CF7. An old plugin “Contact Form 7 Datepicker” v. 2.2.1 was deactivated and subsequently deleted. Nevertheless, the new integrated datepicker fails to work in any form under Firefox. It doesn’t even appear their, just a blank field, nothing more. I have to admit, it does work in Chrome and Chromium (though in rather strange way). So, what happen? Is it a bug in CF7 or just my unlucky day to present a new form to my customer?
    Please anyone help if you can!!!

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  • The same issue under Internet Explorer (which doesn’t come as a surprise though). But I swear, there’s a BUG. Help needed asap. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    At this moment not all browsers support date type of input element to provide date-picking UI. As far as I know, even the latest Firefox doesn’t support it, and shows usual text input field instead of date-picker. It is not a bug.

    Dear Takayuki Miyoshi,

    If it’s not not a bug, what is it? Unsupported feature? No disrespect. You plugin is GREAT! But this was a bummer, just before I had to deliver my work to a customer. Very disappointing, but still very grateful for your plugin. So, don’t get me wrong. HTML5 & CSS3 still have a long way to go to be supported be all major browsers.
    I had to go back to your previous version of the CF7 with additional datepiker plugin. Otherwise, no delivery – no money. You know that.
    Anyhow, thank you for you reply! Keep it up, I support CF7!

    I am already fixing the problem with the new version of contact form 7. Please contact me if you need. [email removed – please keep help on these forums]



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    @khmercms – please keep help on these forums.

    Unfortunately when I type in a date in the date field in Firefox, the form won’t validate. Keep getting “date format seems invalid” even though I am using the right format. Any idea why that could be? It does validate in Chrome where I use the datepicker.
    It is a live site so unfortunately I can’t keep it up for you to try out. I will replace it with a text field for now.

    Refer – DD-MM-YYYY format is not supported.

    The new CF7 date tag is a HTML5 date input type which currently has only limited cross-browser support. See for the low down on this new HTML5 form element.

    As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – is likely to be completely different.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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