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  • BAYFEST is a small non-profit which relies on the Fast Secure Contact Form to receive applications for its summer program.

    The form is on this page:

    There are two main issues we are experiencing with this form.

    First, the date picker doesn’t work in Chrome (OSX). When I try to select a date, it highlights all the days. If I try to click a month, year, or day, it toggles between the form field MM/DD/YYYY and the JavaScript box. This doesn’t happen in Safari or Firefox; I have not been able to test in IE as I am on a Mac. Does anyone know why this is happening?

    The second problem is probably more to do with user error than anything, but thought I’d put it out there: **every applicant that we know of ** who has tried to submit their information has had problems (there may be others we don’t even know about!). They have described the form going blank upon hitting Submit.

    The form is set up so that it redirects to a confirmation page after 3 seconds. No one is seeing it.

    Steps I Have Taken:
    I have tested and tested and tested. I have used the back end Send Test Email function and filled out the form at the front end. Of course, they work for me.

    I have re-created the form (Form-2) to see if Form-1 was buggy.

    I have made the Submit button bigger so people don’t miss it.

    I have disabled all plugins that we can probably get away with not using. We still rely on a few though: Akismet, Broken Link Checker, Google Analytics, Google XML Sitemaps, Jetpack, OpenHook, and WordPress Backup to Dropbox.

    I don’t know why people are having such a hard time, but they are. And it’s not a one-off applicant — like I said, it’s all of them (that we know of). So, can anyone suggest anything to make this a bit more user friendly?

    This is crunch time for us and we are desperate not to miss receiving applications because of a glitchy form.

    Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide.

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  • The date picker on your site works in Chrome,IE,Safari,Firefox on Windows, I just tested it. I do not have a Mac to test, sorry.

    The form going blank on Submit .. This shouldbe fixed for the next version out very soon

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