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    Hi ghassenrjab,

    Thanks for contacting us! Do you have a link we could take a look at? There should be a calendar that pops up when clicking on the date field already.

    On the pge create by the single shortcut that is available at the moment, there is definitely no calendar when the date field is clicked,

    version 0.10

    I don’t get a pop-up calendar either. version 0.14

    Plugin Contributor EtoileWebDesign


    Hi Pepin,

    If you hover over the date field, you’ll see there’s an arrow that appears at the right side of the field. If you click this, the date picker will pop open.



    On internet explorer there is no date picker showing or arrow. Does show on chrome

    Plugin Contributor EtoileWebDesign


    Hi dsk,

    Which version of Internet Explorer are you using? Even though there’s no arrow showing, if you click in the date area, does it still not bring up the date picker?



    I have not tested it on the IE, but on firefox (latest version) there is no pop-up calendar to be seen and the feature that when hovering over the field there is a tiny arrow appearing on the rigth side is not functioning. Even the template of the date format is not showing.
    I do see these features on Chrome and Opera, however.

    Can be observerd on here.

    I am having the same problem I can’t choose any date Using Safari and Firefox.

    Check this out:

    Plugin Contributor EtoileWebDesign


    Hi Stangt,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. It appears that the link redirects us to a counter instead of the appointment scheduling plugin. Would it be possible for you to link us to some screenshots of the issue?

    Thank you very much,

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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