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  • For some reason, the last few posts I’ve made are being posted with last week’s date. (May 16 when it should be May 24). What is happening and is anyone experiencing similar problems?

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  • i’m facing the same problem,when i corrected the date,posts will disappear.It will appear according to the date i’ve put but not according to the real date.
    like today is 5th jan,but the blog wrote today is 2nd when i corrected the post date,post disappear and will only appear on the date i put according to the blog.It is happening to all of the blogs that i have set up.

    any solution? pleas help

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    (@otto42) Admin

    Look at the Settings->General page in the admin. Down near the bottom, it has a place where you set the date/time format. The date time it displays for the various example formats are the current date/times. That is what your server thinks the current date/time is. If that is not correct, then you need to get your host to fix the server.

    I have a similar problem, and don’t know where to look to try and resolve it. Posting by email time stamps the post twelve hours late – i.e., posts prior to noon show up with today’s date, posts after noon show up with tomorrow’s date. Posts made within wordpress have the correct date/time. So if I am trying to post both locally, and by email, the posts are out of the posted sequence with the email posts all being 12 hours later than the local posts, and thus show up in the blog out of sequence.

    Email client and local PC are correct, email host seems to be okay (other email going through the account all has correct date/time). Email is hosted on same server as wordpress install, so I’m guessing the server has the correct date and time (but it is remote, not mine, so can’t confirm that).

    Any ideas or suggestions?


    I tried this and it fixed:

    Post by Email – Wrong Date

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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